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How to Buy a Gun Online

1) Select your Gun
Make sure the gun you choose has the features you want, such as caliber, magazine capacity, finish, barrel length, etc...  You need to make sure the firearm is legal in your state or locality.  Some states have restrictions on magazine capacity or have "Assault Weapon" laws that may require certain modifications to the firearm such as pinning a collapsible stock or welding a flash hider.  We may be able to provide these compliance modifications for you so please call if you have any questions.

2) Select a Receiving Dealer
A firearm cannot be shipped to your home.  Only a dealer with a Federal Firearms License (FFL) can receive the firearm for you.  It is at this dealer that you will go to fill out the appropriate paperwork before the firearm can be transferred to you.  The dealer will most likely charge you a fee for this service.  You should contact your dealer prior to shipping a firearm to them to ensure the transaction is completed to everyone's satisfaction and without any surprises.

If you are local to us, just select "In Store Pickup" as your shipping method and then make an appointment to come to our shop to start your paperwork.

We can ship to any dealer with a valid FFL.

3) Place Your Order Online
When you checkout, please enter the name and address of the dealer you want us to ship to in the shipping address fields.  Of course, your name and address go into the billing address fields.  If you have not yet selected a receiving dealer at the time you place your order, you will need to contact us as soon as possible with your dealer's information.  If you are using a dealer that is not already in our dealer network, you must contact them and have them fax or email a copy of their FFL to us.  Any delays in selecting and contacting a dealer may result in delays in processing and shipping your order.

Please Note: All returns are subject to a restocking fee.  Please inspect the firearm at your dealer before it is transferred to you.  If there is shipping damage, we need to be notified as soon as possible. 

Payment Methodes
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